The Main Benefits of a Thermos Bottle

We live in a society of instant gratification and we rarely go the extra mile. While that might not be true for all of us, the bombarding news, documentaries, social media indicate concerning facts. Nowadays,  consumerism and the struggle for validation go hand in hand in an unprecedented whirlwind of disorders. 

Especially relevant to our topic is the society’s uncontrollable spending habit: not having certain items that we desire, and not necessarily need, causes distress.

With just a little effort and a slight change in our habits, we could live more balanced, happier lives.

Could a thermos bring some benefits in our daily routine? Check out the conclusions we came across below and decide for yourselves!

The Main Benefits of a Thermos Bottle

Health/ Wellness Benefits of a Thermos Bottle

Start and end the day with a glass of water! If you feel tired, asleep, your head hurts do not rush to a cup of coffee or pills for headaches: most often these signs are due to dehydration and many people ignore this cause!

9 Dehydration After-Effects

  • Bad smelling breath
  • An increased appetite for sweets
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue- When you are dehydrated, blood pressure decreases, heart rate increases, and blood flow in the brain slows down. All these factors lead to fatigue.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, decreased concentration and diminished attention.
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
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How to Prevent Dehydration?

It is advisable to always have a bottle of water on you, so you’ll be more at ease to consume water and you’ll never forget to hydrate yourself.
If you dislike plain water, try making it more tasty by adding lemon, orange or grapefruit slices.
If you are plan on exercising do not forget to hydrate if you want more strength and increased endurance. Insufficient hydration can lead to premature muscle fatigue, muscle cramps and reduce coordination speed.

If you are dehydrated, your body is not able to lower body temperature during exercise, which leads to exhaustion and, in extreme cases, to heat-induced strokes.

A thermos bottle is the best partner to help you fight dehydration! It helps keep your favorite beverages fresh for hours whether it’s ice water, fruit juice or tea. They come in different shapes and sizes so it is impossible not to find a suitable model to fit your lifestyle: take it to the office, at the gym or while enjoying the outdoors!

Budget-friendly Benefits of a Thermos Bottle

Specialty coffee sales make up for an industry of 18 billion dollars in the U.S. Coffee statistics show an average consumption of  3.1 cups of coffee per day for the usual consumer. This leads to sales of approximately 400 million cups of coffee per day.

There is nothing wrong to treat yourself any now and then but indulging everyday/ or a few times a day in this wasteful way in not doing you any good.

We at ThermosFacts are far from being frugal and we certainly enjoy our lattes, espressos or cappuccinos as much as any coffee devotee but when you add up the numbers you can’t help but feel puzzled.

Save up money with the help of a thermos bottle

After going through many studies on the matter, we found here a very straightforward approach and this table showing the amounts of money that could be saved, per average consumer if he would start brewing his/her own coffee:

Pay attention that the study is focused on the more basic sorts of coffee since the more popular choices sell for a lot higher:

If you want to enjoy an aromatic coffee in the morning, that will awaken you and give you energy for the rest of the day, you have no reason to buy expensive coffee on the way to work or one with a questionable taste from the corner of the street. You can make yourself a perfect coffee with a memorable taste in the comfort of your home. It is not difficult at all to get coffee at least as good as those you have tasted in the most elegant cafes and terraces.

In order to achieve the best taste use high-quality coffee and even better ground the beans yourself. Keep the coffee fresh in appropriate containers. Use two tablespoons of coffee beans for a 177-ml cup (or two tablespoons and 3/4 for a 236-ml cup).

Use a thermos bottle to take the coffee with you to go and enjoy it hot and flavory for the next hours. A thermos container can preserve the content in the exact state up to even 12 hours. You can also use it for tea, fruit juice, protein shake, etc.

Sustainability/ Environment-Friendly Benefits of a Thermos Bottle

Finally, one of the greatest benefits a thermos bottle is associated with the environment.

Food packaging, lids, plastic bags, straws and disposable utensils are among the most polluting plastic items found in nature.

Studies conducted by 5 Gyres, Clean Production Action, Surfrider Foundation and UPSTREAM show the massive impact of the plastic that pollutes the planet.  They analyze the chemicals used in the production and their toxicity. Also, they show in what degree these items can be recycled, composted, re-used, etc..
They found that food packs are the most common in nature (31.14%).  Caps (15.50%), plastic bags (11.18%), straw and coffee sticks (8.13%), takeaway containers (6.27%), disposable cutlery (2.79%), disposable cups and dishes (2.02%) follow closely.

Using a thermos bottle for your drinks can make a big difference!

We always hear that plastic is bad: for the environment and for our health.

But out of convenience, although we often prefer to call it lack of time, we rarely bring our own bags and prefer takeout to home-cooked meals.

Again, avoid the extremes: try to introduce the new habits slowly in your schedule and see what happens.

Another advantage of using a thermos container is that it offers you more control over the portions and ingredients hence you can avoid waste of produce and money.

In conclusion, using a thermos bottle has some pretty neat advantages. The market offers plenty of variety to ensure you a customized and stylish experience. You just have to give it a try and see how it goes!

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