How an Electric Kettle Can be Used With a Thermos

Electric kettles are a boon for those who love to take tea or coffee the whole day while working. No more visits to the kitchen are needed to prepare your perfect cup of coffee or tea. With the help of these electric kettles on your working desk, all you need to do is to pour some water into the kettle, and within seconds you can make any type of tea or coffee you like.
Getting warm water fast is not the only benefit of electric kettles. With the advent of technology, the latest electric kettles come with many options that are convenient and enhance the traditional functionality of kettles. Such an option is to stay warm feature in kettles. This convenient option can turn your kettle into a thermos.

What is a thermos?

A thermos keeps your hot things hot and cold things cold. The scientific reason behind its work is a vacuum. Vacuum simply means the absence of air. A thermos is a bottle that is designed with a double-wall container inside of it. The air between the two walls is sucked out during construction. So a thermos keeps the water warm by not allowing the heat to escape from this vacuum.

How does a Kettle works like a thermos?

Electric kettles that keep the water warm for some specific time work along the same lines as a thermos. It has a double insulated wall inside that creates the vacuum. As heat is not transferred outside, it helps in retaining the temperature of the liquid inside. You can prepare your favorite tea and keep it warm for some specific time. Some kettles can keep the water warm for the whole day. The portable design and slim structure of these kettles make them easy to carry around.

Benefits of using the kettle as a thermos

Some of the benefits of using a kettle as a thermos are as follows.

Slim designs and easy to carry
Kettles these days are coming with unique and portable designs. They are light and easy to carry. Their design and weight made them perfect for carrying around instead of a thermos. Some of the kettles don’t even require an electric switch as they are charged or use batteries.

Get Warm whenever you want

Electric kettles used as thermos have an added feature to a thermos. A thermos can only store warm or cold water while an electric kettle can heat your water to your required temperature anywhere. If you are a frequent traveler or like to go out on a picnic a lot, these kettles are handy and easy to carry along.

Preset Temperatures
If you are an avid tea lover, you know that different teas or even coffee require a different temperature. If water is heated above the required temperature, it may make the tea bitter and change its taste. But with these modern electric kettles water is heated to the required temperature. It has preset temperatures for white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, or coffee. And if you are using your kettle as a thermos, it will keep the water at that specific temperature.

Cool Exterior
As these kettles use double insulated walls to keep water warm, therefore, they also have a cool exterior. It reduces the risk of accidentally burning hands as the kettle is cool to touch even when water is boiling inside.

No doubt, these kettles bring a lot of convenience to your life. They can be used as thermos for keeping your drink at the required temperature. They are easy to carry and use.

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