Best 12v Travel Heated Mug For A Car

Who does not love to have a hot coffee during a long commute or a road trip? It gives a better driving experience and also makes it interesting. 

But will you be waiting for a long time to get your coffee ready? The answer is obvious; you need to get ready soon and stay hot until you drink. For this, you need an especially designed and well-structured reliable 12v travel heated mug for the car to keep enjoying traveling.

Having the best-heated cup makes commuting easier and also helps in enjoying hiking, long drives, and traveling. Therefore, traveling mugs are becoming the trend these days among car lovers especially traveling lovers. In this blog, we have gathered the five best 12v travel heated cups for a car that will give you an extreme level of enjoyment when you drink your delicious coffee. We selected these after considering many aspects, including handling, dishwasher safety, leakage, and other vital factors. 

Why a 12v Travel Heated Mug?

If you are a travel companion and prefer to keep enjoying your commuting, you should buy a 12v travel heated mug. The reason being it keeps you warm and energetic by providing healthy and tasty coffee. With the help of travel mugs, you can drink your coffee, tea, or other beverage when you think fit. It ensures to keep the taste of the drink is natural and does not add on different flavors. These are durable compared to other similar products and affordable as well. The best thing about the travel mugs is that you can clean them easily because most of them are dishwasher friendly and you will not have to worry about cleaning. 

What To Check On a 12v Travel Heated Mug?

People want to buy the travel heated mug but may not know the key things to look at while getting the best-heated mug. So, here are some tips that you can look for and obtain a reliable, great, and trendy product.

  1. Check The Lid Style

Whether you drink coffee, tea, or water, you do not allow any whole spill sipping from your travel mug. Therefore, you must ensure that it gives a smooth and easy sipping facility and checks out which lid style matches your requirements, such as flip lids, thumb-sliding lids, push-button lids, and straw lids. Each of these has some benefits and detriments. If you are a customer who prefers to use a durable thing or prevent spills, you can opt for a twist lid or any other desired model. The best thing about checking lid style is it will not affect the cost.

  • Temperature Retention

Most of the time, people drink their favorite coffee slowly, so your travel mug must retain a stable temperature for a long time. A reliable mug will ensure no additional flavor. The temperature is stable and kept for a long time, whether cold or hot. These days vacuum insulated mugs are there, which are made with stainless steel and offer the best performance in terms of temperature retention. 

  • Look At The Size 

Nowadays, there are tons of travel mugs out there, and all come in different sizes. The average capacity of these mugs is approx 16 ounces, although you can find other variants as well. Some are bigger that can fulfill the entire day’s need, and some are compact to serve you for a short time only. When the customer looks at a bigger size travel mug, they must ensure that their mug is microwave-proof or contains maximum heat retention. You should also check out the customer review as it will help you to get the right amount of your coffee at the right time. 

  • Read About Material 

While most travel mugs are made up of stainless steel material, you can get limited options if you look for other similar materials. Or you can get plastic, glass, silicone, or bamboo travel mugs that will affect other things as well. It can create differences in price, durability, cleaning process, and other vital elements. If you want a durable product for your commuting, then you should get a stainless material mug. Plastic mugs are great for retaining standard coffee flavors.

Best 12v Travel Heated Mug For A Car 

Tech Tool Smart Travel Mug 16 Ounce

Heated Smart Travel Mug with Temperature Control - 16 ounce- 12V...

The Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel mug comes with complete temperature control. It allows you to keep the hot beverages warm at the right temperature during the journey. The 12-volt plug can be placed into the charger in your car and will keep warming your drink. The capacity of this mug is 16 ounces with a leakproof and stainless steel build. It heats your liquid to 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and alerts you when the ideal temperature is reached. 


  • There are LED light indicators.
  • It comes with a 12V auto adapter.


  • Stainless steel material
  • Capacity is 16 oz 


  • The build quality is not durable.
Heated Smart Travel Mug with Temperature Control - 16 ounce- 12V...
  • PLEASE NOTE: the smart mug is intended to keep your beverage warm at your desired temperature...
  • PLUGS INTO YOUR CAR CHARGER Take this self heating travel mug along with you anywhere and use...

Wagan Heated Travel Mug 12V Stainless Steel

Wagan EL6100 12V Stainless Steel 16 oz Heated Travel Mug with...

Wagan’s EL6100 is a 12v stainless steel travel mug that offers an anti-spill lid, therefore best suited for those who are serious about having a secure sip. The excellent design, double-wall construction, and BPA-free feature make it an attractive and hot mug to have for the trip. It can maintain the desired heat for two hours and has a capacity of 16 oz. With this insulated travel mug, you can warm your coffee within 30 minutes, depending upon the temperature. If you want an easy-to-use product for your simple journey, this is the best thing you need. 


  • Hold your hot drink for 2 hours.
  • The cord is detachable


  • You can use it easily 
  • great for water warming.
  • It is an insulated mug and BPA free


  • Material quality need to improve
Wagan EL6100 12V Stainless Steel 16 oz Heated Travel Mug with...
  • The Bpa Free, Stainless Steel, Double Walled Construction Ensures Your Drink Stays Hot And...
  • Heats Cold Beverages To About 145 Degree F In Less Than 30 Minutes

Hoyootech 450ml Stainless Steel Car Heated Mug 12V 

12V Car Heating Cup Car Heated Mug, 450ml Stainless Steel Travel...

Do you want a heated mug that gets fit into your car’s cup holder? Then this 12v heating cup can be the best deal for this because it is designed to fit most of the car cup holders. It can help maintain 65 degrees Celsius temperature and also does not require any batteries. You can plug, and it will start heating your beverage. You can heat milk, coffee, tea, water, or any other drink you want at 65 degrees Celcius with this cup. The power cable to charge this device is handy and supports all car power supplies. The anti-leak and slip facility is there, so you will not struggle with leakage problems and not see the heat from outside. 


  • It is leak and slip-proof.
  • The capacity is 450 ml.


  • You can heat milk, coffee, tea, and other hot beverages.
  • It comes with a 12v adapter


  • It does not maintain a stable heat level
12V Car Heating Cup Car Heated Mug, 450ml Stainless Steel Travel...
  • Ergonomically designed, fit most vehicle cup holders. 12V stainless steel car heating cap sits...
  • Heat function and practical, maintains a temperature of 65°C. No batteries required, just...

OBALY Electric Travel Mug 12V Smart Temperature

Smart Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug OBALY Electric heated...

Obaly’s bright travel mug can be set from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 194 Fahrenheit. One of the great travel cups that offer you warmth or heat your coffee effectively without missing any different taste. The company has used Tritan material that is usually used in baby products, so it is safe to use. Aside from this, if you are a new user of such a kind of mugs, you will get familiar with it a few times because it has an LCD to show you the temperature level. It is also a great thing to give someone as a gift on a special occasion, whether it is a birthday or any other celebration. 


  • It includes an LCD.
  • We can set the temperature from 86 F to 194 F


  • It is straightforward to employ and safe as well.
  • Also, a giftable item


  • It can leak sometimes
Smart Temperature Control Travel Coffee Mug OBALY Electric heated...
  • 🍵 Intelligent temperature control - Smart thermous can be set from (86 °F ) to (194 °F),...
  • 🍵 Safe material - The car coffee travel mug body is made of "Tritan" material developed for...

Car Kettle Boiler with DC 12V Charger Sunsbell 750ml

Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless...

Many people want a larger kettle boiler to heat their coffee and other beverages. It can heat your drink to 100 degrees Celsius within 45 minutes. It is not for the cold drinks to heat up and the best 750 ml travel mug for the car. You can use and clean it quickly because it comes with a cigarette lighter cable. The indicator turns red when the temperature goes down. It also offers an anti-leak and anti-slip water heating facility. That means you will not have to worry about any leakage issue and can hold a too-hot coffee in your hand. 


  • It has a capacity of 750 ML 
  • The BPA free technology used


  • You get 12 months warranty with 100% money back
  • Best for traveling purpose


  • The quality of the wiring should be better.
Car Kettle Boiler Sunsbell 650ml Car Heating Travel Cup Stainless...
  • 650ML LARGE CAPACITY & BOIL WATER IN 45 MINUTES: Designed to heat up your water on car...
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Just pour the kettle with water then connect it to the car with the...


We hope you have liked this information gathered after analyzing available travel mugs and coming up with these five travel mugs for your needs. If you are also looking for such kind of brilliant travel accessories, you can freely add one. And it will give you tasty and warm coffee or other hot drinks during the commuting via car. 

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