How To Keep Your Thermos Warm Until Lunchtime

A thermos container is very practical when you want to enjoy homemade food, to go. It is particularly important for active mothers with young children, for people that care for their health or are on a diet or for those whose jobs imply spending lots of time outdoors.

In order to get the best out of it, you should learn how to keep your thermos warm until lunchtime or even longer! In the following post you can learn some helpful tips!

How To Keep Your Thermos Warm Until Lunchtime

You have an insulated lunch container and wish to keep your meals warm inside for as long as possible? Follow these simple but essential tips for good heat retention.

Add Boiled Water in Your Thermos

While you heat your meal, put hot water in your insulated container. Leave it there until you are ready to put your food. That way, the thermos would already be hot and your food doesn’t make contact with a cold container, losing some of the warmth.

thermos lunch

Always Put Hot Food

Make sure your food is well warm before putting it in the insulated lunch-box. Food will cool a bit over time, even in the lunch box, so if the food is not very hot you won’t enjoy a decent lunch at mealtime.

Fill the lunch box

Any gasp of air left over in a thermos won’t do any good to your meal. Do not hesitate to get your insulated container well filled.


Use an Insulated Cover/ Insulated Bag

For special situations, like winter for example, you can get extra protection with the help of an insulated cover. The market is abundant in models that satisfy all the tastes: they can accommodate smaller or larger recipients, they can look elegant or casual, they can even be attractive for your kids since they have all sorts of cartoons, etc.

insulated bag

Store in a Warm Place

Storage conditions of your lunch box are also important. Put your lunch box in your bag rather than outdoors. The hottest place will ensure better conservation of the heat inside your lunch box. Do not open before lunchtime. At every opening, you will lose a few degrees in the box.

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